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    EPIC Steel : Since 1963

    Commercial and Residential Steel & Aluminum


Iron and carbon: From such an elemental base, we construct giants.

Solid Beginnings

Much like a physical structure, strength in business stems from a secure foundation. Established on pillars of loyalty, quality, and value, our ‘ground up’ growth is no accident.

The story goes: 1963, with clear intent, Neff Fremont steps into a vacant garage with a team of two and starts building a dream that was to endure more than a half century of the hard winds of manufacturing in Cleveland, Ohio. Truth be told, we’ve done far more than endure, pushing ahead as a leader in the local fabrication industry.

It could be said that we're strong, like an alloy of technical skill and industry expertise. True. But that alloy requires our strongest component: our people, both team members and clients. The steadfast relationships we’ve built are testament—You are the key to our success.

Ironclad Commitment

A knowledgeable, experienced team of experts is behind EPIC’s customer-centric approach. We understand that while value is relative, the ways we determine overall value are well-forged.

Solutions paired with expertise are promised, and delivered. From sales and estimating, to the final phases of construction and installation—you’ll find experts at every step of the steel fabrication process. Couple our large-scale production facility with a full range of project offerings—basic to highly complex—and you get a manufacturing powerhouse as flexible as it is mighty.

Yet we take pride, not so much in where we are, but instead, in how we got here. Dedicated, professional service is a matter of honor—it’s personal. And now the circle’s complete: From each team member, to the smallest detail of your project, we’re about strength that lasts.

Enduring Advancement

Grounded in community, open to fresh prospects, we look forward to continued growth. At EPIC Steel, our team of professionals carries the experience needed to bring your steel, aluminum or stainless project concept to life. Add to our proven know-how some official recognition—premier fabricating facility, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC); Cleveland Area Small Business (CSB); Local Producer Enterprise, Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity—and we’re ideally positioned to lend even more support.

CONTACT US and share your ideas: We can build on that.

Some things we do

  • Estimating
  • Structural & miscellaneous metals fabrication & erection
  • Joist & deck
  • Design build & budgeting
  • Specialized alloy metals
  • Value engineering
  • In house engineering and project management
  • Warehousing
  • Fleet of trucks and trailers for local or long distance deliveries


We appreciate that you took some time to visit our website! If you'd like more information, feel free to use any of the contact options below to reach out. Please let us know how and when you would like us to contact you, or give us a call and we'll take it from there. Thank you again!

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